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Thanks to EVERYONE who attended this year's St Benedict Oktoberfest! We had a great turn-out for our 10 year celebration. A special thanks to all of our sponsors who were a part of this year's event. We are already gearing up for 2015, so keep checking back in for updates.

Saturday Winners

Linda Hogan (2:34) and Nathan Carroll (4:23)

Saturday Winners

Jennifer Szabo (3:58) and Nate Story (6:18)

Sunday Winners:

Melinda Harvey (3:29) and Ben Johnson (5:48)

Here is a list of our STEIN WINNERS from over the 3-day weekend celebration!

Friday Night:

7:00        Robb Fox @ 4:01

               Kathy Murrill @ 3:05


9:00        Natalie Phillips (no time collected)

               Jeff Feliciano @ 5:41



2:00        Linda Hogan  @ 2:34

               Nathan Carroll @ 4:23


4:45        Barbara Bandeira @ 4:17

               Scott Ahonen @ 5:37


7:00        Sarah Woodford @ 3:39

               Matthew Marcus @ 6:43 (Top time!)


9:00        Jennifer Szabo @ 3:58

               Nate Story @ 6:18


2:45        Melinda Harvey @ 3:29

               Ben Johnson @ 5:48


5:15       Amy Kocev @ 3:06

              Nino Rosado @ 5:11


St. Benedict Oktoberfest

2014 Quick Facts:


Free admission


Friday, September 19:

4pm to 11pm

Saturday, September 20:

 11am to 11pm

Sunday, September 21:

 12pm to 6pm


Rain or Shine


St. Benedict "Festplatz"

Hanover and Belmont in the Museum District



Music and Dancing, Christkindlmarkt, activities for all ages...


German Cuisine

Platters, sandwiches, pretzels, desserts and more...



German and local breweries, wineries


Those under 18 must be

accompanied by an adult.












St. Benedict Catholic Church

(Church) 300 N. Sheppard St.

(Office) PO Box 14627.

Richmond, VA 23221





Ut in omnibus glorificetur Deus -

That in all things, God may be glorified!


Copyright 2010-2014 St. Benedict Oktoberfest - All Rights Reserved